What is banana bag iv drip?

What is a Banana Bag IV Drip?

Well, there’s a question everyone thinks has a simple answer, that really doesn’t.

Believe it or not, there’s no “rule” or “regulation” about what can be called a banana bag, or what something called a banana bag has to include.

The general consensus of mobile IV therapy providers like Biologix, and other IV drip services, is that a “Banana Bag” is an IV cocktail that consists of B-Vitamins, Magnesium, and a multivitamin, similar to a Myers Cocktail.

Historically in conventional medical settings such as hospitals, the use of banana bags was reserved for patients who are chronically ill or malnourished, alcoholics, and those dehydrated or low in electrolytes.

Why Does A Banana Bag Have The Color Yellow?

Last, but not least, everyone asks why the banana bag is called that, and what makes it yellow.

Now you know what a banana bag is. Anyone can call any IV bag full of fluids that turns yellow a “banana bag”. Before you get one anywhere other than Rapid Recovery make sure you ask EXACTLY what’s in your bag.
Last night was one for the ages—at least, what you can remember about it. The party got started early and went through the night, filled with revelry and good times. But the night’s over, and so is the fun. Now, the only souvenir from your epic weekend is a hangover.

Your body feels like it’s in rebellion. You’re nauseous (or worse, vomiting), exhausted, and your head is pounding. On top of that, a hangover can last up to 72 hours—yes, even longer than the night that led to it.


If you’re asking, what’s a banana bag IV, you also may be wondering how it gets that unusual name. It’s not from the shape of the bag, and it doesn’t contain any of the fruit. Banana bags are named for their distinctive yellow color, which comes from a collection of B vitamins:

  • B1 (thiamine HCl)
  • B2 (riboflavin-5-phosphate sodium)
  • B3 (niacinamide)
  • B5 (dexpanthenol)
  • B6 (pyridoxine HCl)

This combination is referred to as B Complex.

A banana bag IV typically uses B Complex and supplements such as magnesium sulfate and multivitamins in saline or Lactated Ringer’s solution. In the hospital setting, this carefully mixed cocktail is commonly used to correct vitamin and electrolyte deficiencies in patients with alcohol use disorder (AUD), but companies like Mobile IV Nurses also make this available to those who are looking for health promotion benefits or that may have just gone a little too hard over the weekend. Rally pack is another name people sometimes use, although the origin of that nickname is unclear. Perhaps that’s because a banana bag helps you rally when you’re feeling down.

What’s in a Banana Bag?

Having a great night out with friends is a great way to relieve some stress and bond with your buddies. When you wake up the next morning with a dehydration headache, nausea, and a stomach ache, you need relief fast. You need a banana bag. Intravenous hangover relief might be just what you’re looking for.

What is a banana bag? A distinctive yellow color, a banana bag is an IV filled with hydration, vitamins, and minerals, including magnesium sulfate, folic acid, and thiamine. The addition of B vitamins makes the IV fluid yellow, which is why it’s called a “banana bag.”


When your body has the proper balance of vitamins and electrolytes, you feel the energy that comes from being in optimal health. Vitamins fulfill a number of essential roles, from strengthening bones to turning food into fuel for your body. Electrolytes are chemicals (such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium) that assist in hydration and nerve and muscle performance, among other functions.

It’s not surprising that your health suffers when your body is out of balance due to a vitamin or electrolyte deficiency. Symptoms can include fatigue, heart arrhythmia, muscle twitching, and weakness, depending on which vitamins and electrolytes you lack. Severe deficiencies can even lead to serious health problems, such as kidney failure due to low calcium or impaired brain function caused by vitamin B12 anemia.

This imbalance may be the result of a temporary issue, such as dehydration. It could also stem from a chronic health condition, such as alcohol use disorder. In some cases, you may only suffer from low-grade symptoms that leave you feeling rundown. In others, the problems may persist and be strong enough to send you to the hospital. In many cases, a banana bag IV is a quick solution that provides a much-needed boost. The banana bag contents replenish the body and replace lost vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

A banana bag works like any other drip IV that’s administered intravenously. A medical professional inserts the IV into your arm, and the fluid—a carefully calibrated mix of electrolytes and vitamins—goes into the bloodstream for maximum effectiveness. You can use a banana bag IV over the course of 24 hours to increase levels of vitamins and electrolytes in your body. The duration of this treatment can vary, depending on your health status and any underlying conditions.

Odds are, you’re dehydrated when you’re hungover. That’s because alcohol has a diuretic effect on the body, causing you to lose fluids faster through frequent urination. If you’re not drinking water along with your cocktails, you can easily become dehydrated. You need to replace those lost fluids to rebound, and you can do that effectively with a banana bag for hangovers.

Unsurprisingly, dehydration and hangovers have many of the same crossover symptoms. So when you use an IV to address your dehydration, you’re also targeting the symptoms of a hangover. These include:

  • Severe headaches
  • Sensitivity to noise or light
  • Extreme thirst
  • Fatigue
  • Sore or achy muscles
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Brain fog
  • Rapid heart rate

What’s in a banana bag IV is important, but how it works is also crucial. IV infusions are hooked up to an IV port in your arm, so fluids enter your bloodstream at a steady drip. This constant flow of vitamin-rich fluids provides maximum absorption, making you feel the effects quickly.


Banana bag ingredients give your body a rapid infusion of electrolytes and vitamins. In addition to B Complex, a basic banana bag typically includes:

  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin-5-Phosphate)
  • Vitamin B5 (D-Panthenol)
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine-HCL)
  • Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide)
  • Vitamin B12 (Hydroxocobalamin)
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine-HCL)
  • Magnesium
  • Glutathione
  • Calcium Gluconate
  • Zinc
  • 1 Liter of iv fluids

Along with replenishing the body’s vitamin and electrolyte levels, these ingredients also help alleviate certain symptoms. For instance, thiamine and magnesium can team up to smooth out an erratic heart rate, while folic acid can sharpen a hazy, confused mind.

These ingredients are combined in the fluid solution that flows through the banana bag IV. There are two kinds of solutions: a saline one, which helps with dehydration, and dextrose in water, which targets the acid buildup in the body that’s commonly associated with chronic alcohol abuse, called alcoholic ketoacidosis. Signs of alcoholic ketoacidosis include stomach pain, vomiting, exhaustion, difficulty breathing, and other symptoms associated with dehydration.


Some people use banana bag IVs to help treat issues associated with alcohol consumption, such as alcohol poisoning, chronic alcohol use disorder, and hangovers. That’s because prolonged or heavy alcohol use can lead to vitamin and electrolyte deficiencies in the body. Plus, alcohol can dehydrate you, which is another reason why a banana bag can be beneficial. Finally, the vitamins and electrolytes in a banana bag are great for combating the symptoms of a hangover.

In addition to these alcohol-related issues, there are other conditions that may call for a banana bag IV. These include

  • General dehydration
  • Extended sun exposure
  • Jet lag
  • Intense athletic activity.

Some people also prefer to use a banana bag as a way to build up their immune systems. An experienced, knowledgeable IV provider can help determine if a banana bag is right for you or if you’d benefit from a different type of infusion.


So you know what a banana bag is, but how do you get one when you feel like you can’t get out of bed? Banana bags are a staple in hospitals, often employed in emergency treatment for alcohol-related conditions that require immediate attention. However, you may not feel bad enough to go to the emergency room, or you may simply be too exhausted to make the trip to seek out treatment. In those circumstances, a mobile IV is an ideal solution. And that’s where Mobile IV Nurses come in.

We are the leading provider of mobile IV therapy, with a reputation for safe and responsive treatment throughout the areas we serve. We come to the location of your choice, anywhere from your home to your hotel room. Our medical professionals review your symptoms and health history to recommend the best possible treatment.

For some people, that may be the Myers’ Cocktail. You may be leery of the word “cocktail” when you have a hangover, but this drip IV is full of good-for-you ingredients with proven effectiveness when it comes to reducing fatigue and decreasing nausea:

  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin-5-Phosphate)
  • Vitamin B5 (D-Panthenol)
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine-HCL)
  • Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide)
  • Vitamin B12 (Hydroxocobalamin)
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine-HCL)
  • Magnesium
  • Glutathione
  • Calcium Gluconate
  • Zinc
  • 1 Liter of iv fluids

Others may be in serious need of hangover relief. In those cases, we may recommend the Best Hangover IV Drip, to rebound with additional medications and vitamin boosters to get you feeling better instantly. It contains the same ingredients as a Myers’ Cocktail but with extra doses of vitamin C (5,000 mg) and glutathione (1,000 mg). The Best Hangover IV Drip also gives you the choice of substituting the following medications as needed:

  • Toradol: Offers short-term pain relief
  • Zofran: Fights nausea
  • Pepcid: Eases the effects of acid reflux or heartburn
  • Benadryl: Alleviates dizziness and nausea

Finally, you have the option of customizing a drip IV bag with one or more add-ins. This is when it’s beneficial to work with the team at Mobile IV Nurses. We use our expertise to guide your selection of vitamins, minerals, supplements, or medications for your IV.

Biologix Mobile Wellness specializes in bringing banana bag IV treatment, as well as a wide range of other services, directly to you. Our friendly and experienced team, made up of registered nurses and paramedics, upholds the highest professional standards. We also use only the highest-quality medical products, just like the kind you get at a hospital or doctor’s office.

An IV infusion session only takes 30 to 45 minutes, perfect for when you’re itching to get over a hangover. The professional performing your treatment will check your vital signs and your current health conditions before settling you into a comfortable position for the drip IV. Some people report feeling immediate effects at the end of treatment. You may even feel energetic enough to resume your normal activities. If not, don’t worry—it will be easier to rest and recuperate because your symptoms won’t be as intense.

Our services come in a variety of affordable pricing packages, so you can get an IV treatment that meets your needs and your budget. If you need a banana bag IV to help get you on the road to recovery, contact Biologix Mobile Wellness.


Why Is A Banana Bag IV Yellow?

Why Isn’t a Multivitamin Pill Enough?

The body digests and absorbs vitamins and fluids far more slowly when you take them orally instead of intravenously. This is why we don’t offer a banana bag drink or an oral IV hydrating fluid – it needs to go into your bloodstream.

The body has less sodium and glucose to absorb vitamins and nutrients when it is hungover, deficient in vitamins and electrolytes, or dehydrated. Symptoms such as nausea, which results in dehydration or illness, may also prevent you from rehydrating or eating the right foods so you can recover.

When you take vitamins orally, it takes much longer for your body to digest and absorb them compared to receiving fluids and vitamins intravenously. In particular, when you are hungover, deficient in vitamins and electrolytes, dehydrated, or feeling ill, your body does not have the proper amounts of sodium and glucose needed to absorb the nutrients and vitamins effectively. Plus, symptoms like nausea can make it difficult to rehydrate or eat healthy foods in an attempt to get vitamins and nutrients back into your system.

Should I Get A Banana Bag?

If you’re suffering from electrolyte deficiencies, dehydration, nausea, morning sickness, a hangover or any number of ailments, a rally pack can help you, well, rally! Our banana bags help you get essential vitamins and fluids into your body much faster and more efficiently than through oral consumption. Our IV therapies can also be customized with a variety of IV drip add-ons to address your specific symptoms.

What Are the Benefits of a Banana Bag Mobile I VTherapy?

Choosing Biologix for Mobile IV Therapy comes with many benefits, including:

  • No Travel Fees or Wait: Relax in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room while you get rehydrated and start feeling better — no need to drive to a clinic or wait at the ER.
  • Anywhere & Anytime: Biologix is ready to dispatch to you any time of day or night with 24/7 dispatch. Our team can show up within an hour typically as long as you are within 50 miles of Denver, CO. 
  • Customize your IV: We offer add-ons so you get the vitamins and medicines you need to alleviate your symptoms. Our professionals can make add-on recommendations to help address your specific ailment.
  • Enjoy fast results: A banana bag is delivered directly into your bloodstream and includes the sodium and glucose needed to be absorbed quickly. You can start feeling better, faster.
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